Become your own boss with Total Telco’s Reseller Program

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Set up your own business

Access wholesale telco rates

Cloud hosted CRM

Competitive pricing

Automated billing

Total Telco Group is a leading wholesale telecommunications provider offering robust and scalable cloud-based phone system solutions for businesses. We empower entrepreneurs by providing them with the tools and support they need to create their own white-label telco companies.


Are you ready to work for yourself and take control of your career? With Total Telco Group you can have more control on your income and make more money. Why work for someone when you can build your own brand?

Total Telco Group provides a comprehensive suite of services designed for resellers, including Hosted VOIP solutions, NBN connectivity, and Wholesale Mobile services through major providers including Telstra and Optus. They also offer a range of hardware to support these services. Additionally, Total Telco Group’s white-label offering features an automated management system, enabling resellers to efficiently manage and grow their own branded telecommunications businesses.

Get our complete White Label Package?

It’s a business in a box, all you have to join and you have access to all that you need to start running your own telco management business. Every aspect of the business management system is white label, you can easily start selling any of our wholesale telco products today!

Why become a Total Telco reseller?

  • Low Risk and Low-Cost Business

    Use an existing cloud-based telco management system and start generating income straight away.

  • Business Development Support

    Get business training and join an established telco ecosystem where you can access the best deals.

  • Proudly Australian telco network

    With a network of telco experts and independent telecommunications providers in Australia.

  • Innovative Telco Products

    Our resellers access a wide range of products, offers and innovative features on cloud-based phone systems.

Frequently asked questions

Who owns the customers?

Total Telco Group will never engage with your customers. We only provide the resources and tools you need to run your telco business.

How is invoicing managed?

Invoices are automatically generated from the portal and are customised to your business branding and details.

Where do the payments go?

Payment goes directly to the bank account listed on your invoice, or your customers can pay through a payment gateway integration.

Do you offer any customer support?

Customers can lodge their tickets directly to the portal and if the matter needs to be escalated Total telco Group offers additional support when required.

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    Total Telco Group Pty Ltd is an Australian Telecoms wholesaler. We provide Telecom services to other businesses who can then resell these products to their customers. Our products include High-Speed NBN, VoIP/SIP, and mobile services.

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