About Us

When choosing a Telecommunications Company, it is important to be able to trust them. This is why Total Telco Group concentrates of going above and beyond to support and look after our customers.

Who Are We?

Total Telco Group started in Sydney in December of 2014. Our initial staff had collectively over 20 years of Telco experience.

Over the past 4 or so years, we have grown and today employ a diverse crew of Australians and now provides telecommunications products across Australia..

We focus on our customers, to ensure they have a good experience and stay with us for years to come.

Why Total Telco?

You are most likely wondering why you should choose Total Telco for your Telecommunications needs? The answer to this questions is our customer service.

To us, Customer Service is the most why people choose us over all the other Telco Companies out there. Generally, we find once a Company has choosen Total Telco, they stay as long term customers.

Optimised For Speed?

Of course, in this industry, great customer service doesn’t mean a lot if our network is slow and unresponsive. This is why we have invested heavily to ensure our products are some of the highest performance products on the market today.

"The guys at Total Telco did such a great job on our earlier projects, we now use them for all our smart city projects."

– Linda Clarke

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