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We offer a wide range of Telecommunications products and services for your customers. We offer a wide range of services from the following main categories of products, Voice, Data, and Mobile.

We know it’s important, that whatever Telecommunications products you sell, they need to work well and be properly supported. We have a range of customer-facing support options for all of our products we sell.

We support you all the way. Not only do we simplify product ordering we also look after the backend support and service management. All of this gives you total peace of mind.

We believe that for you to want to sell it, it has to be simple and you have to be able to make a dollar. This is why we work hard to get you the most cost-effective pricing in the industry.

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Wholesale NBN

Sell Fast and Reliable NBN to your customers.

Wholesale Voice

Sell Reliable and Full Featured Voice products

Wholesale Mobile

Sell Reliable and Quality Mobile to your customers.

Wholesale Data

Sell Fast and Reliable High Speed Data to your customers.

Self Serve Portal and Self Monitoring

Total Telco Group is currently building a self-serve portal that will allow self-provisioning, self-monitoring of all of your services and service move, adds, and changes. Lodging of support tickets and incorporated billing will also be possible in the new portal.

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Total Telco Group Pty Ltd is an Australian Telecoms wholesaler. We provide Telecom services to other businesses who can then resell these products to their customers. Our products include High-Speed NBN, VoIP/SIP, and mobile services.

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