Hosted Voice Special

This month, your first month of hosting is on us. We’re totally waiving your first month hosted voice rental for all plans (up to $100 free value). Conditions apply, please feel free to call us for more information.

First Month Of Internet FREE

To continue our current promotion, we are giving away your first month of Internet service (upto $100). For a limited time, get your first month of service for FREE.

Your First Month Of NBN FREE

For a limited time, we are giving your first month of NBN internet away for FREE. This means, you receive up to $100 of service for FREE when you order a new NBN service from Total Telco. Conditions apply.

High performance products, great service and cost effective pricing

Total Telco provides the latest, high performance products while stying cost effective. Take for example our business NBN, starting at $59 per month.


Our Telephony Platform is state of the art. We can provide everything your business needs from traditional telephone lines right up to SIP and Hosted Voice.

Internet & Networking

Our wholesale relationships with the key Tier 1 Telco providers in Australia means we can provide internet everywhere, even where others struggle.


If you are struggling to solve a particular Telco problem for your business, why not just give us a call? Chances are, we’ve already solved that problem for someone else.

Optimised Speed Network

Total Telco Group buys the best Telecommunications products from the large tier one players in Australia. We then wrap our layer of management and service around these products so you get the best possible products, performance and quality for your business for the best possible price.

Superior Customer Support

To us, service is the most important measure of how well we are doing. Telecommunications is hard, and this is why Companies such as ours exist in the first place. Our job is to provide the best products and support them to the highest quality. We do this every day.

Great Range Of Products

Total Telco sports a superior range of Telecommunications products, all sourced from Australian Tier one Telco’s and made available to your business for the best possible price. Our products range from Hosted Voice, Internet Access and Data Networks as a Service.

We Keep Your Data Safe

Total Telco Group takes your data security very seriously. Our various back end systems all use two factor authentication to ensure the greatest level of security possible. We also encrypt data transfers between our offices. To us, your data is incredibly sensitive and should always stay private.

Managing Your Telco Billing And Services Needn’t Be Hard.

Total Telco Group has invested heavily to build our purpose built billing and rating system. What does this mean to you? It means that billing accuraty is high. No more ringing your service provider to question inaccurate bills. Youcan also be sure that managing your various services with our billing system is simple and trouble free. 

"The guys at Total Telco did such a great job on our earlier projects, we now use them for all our smart city projects."

– Linda Clarke

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