Phone System Recordings/Prompts

There are many reasons your business should have a professional telephone system messaging service.

1) As a smart business owner, you know that a professionally voiced on hold message will not only impress your customers but can be used as a marketing tool, to keep them informed about your products and promotions.

2) You can also manage your call flow, prevent hang ups and streamline your customer service and encourage engagement.

3) On Hold Messages allow your customers to know how to contact you after hours or when you’re busy. They can also point customers to your website.

Produced with a professional voice over and script writer, who will work with you to craft your messages, you can even choose a voice and a package to suit your business. Ask your Total Telco representative about your Messages on Hold today.


  • Inexpensive cost

  • Project professionalism to callers

  • Great Aussie voice talent

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