Business Technology Consulting!

Sometimes businesesses need a technology consultant they can trust. Total Telco offers cunsulting in Telecoms, IT and IT Security.

Technology Consulting?

Total Telco Group is a passionate consultant. We work with businesses around solving their specific Telecommunications, Managed Services and IT needs.

Areas where we typically consult are:
1. Business Technology upgrades
2. Office Relocation
3. Cloud hosting
4. Business Expansion
5. Business automation/optimisation/efficiency recommendations


Why Total Telco Consulting

Total Telco Group is an experienced technology provider. Our staff have over 40 years of collective experience in these areas. Not only do we have experience, we also live and breathe this every day.

We are passionate about providing the best advice and solutions. Having an interest in business IT and Telecommunications is something we pride ourselves on. You can’t work in this industry for as long as we have if your not passionate about it.

If you have a specific challenge around technology you are trying to solve, why not call us today?

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Complete Product Offerings

Total Telco offers a complete range of Telecoms products and services. We provide a suite of Voice, Data, Cloud, Mobile and even consulting services.

Business And Residential

Total Telco serves not only Business Customers, we also service Residential customers and more recently our network of Wholesalers, together with their customers.

Friendly Support

Our customers love our support and customer service that we provide. We believe this is our diffirentiator and pride our selves on our support levels.

Microwave High Speed Access!

Connectiong to the internet or to your corporate network can be difficult. Australia is a vast place and connectivity can be a challenge. Introducing Total Telco's High Speed Microwave Access?

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