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Total Telco has a range of Consulting and Technology Services available for your business.

Office Relocations

Sometimes, it can be daunting relocating an office to a new address. If like many businesses, you have various pieces of computer hardware, telecommunication systems and the like and need a hand relocating your office systems, then Total Telco can help.

We have assisted many businesses nationally with relocating their phone systems, computers, data networks and the like.

Technology Consulting

Business today can be a mine field of technology, computers, software and know how. Total Telco lives and breathes technology.

We have helped many businesses right accross Australia, navigate the technology mine filed and come out the other side with greater business efficiencies than ever before.

If you have a particular technological chalenge, why not call us for an obligation free chat?

Wholesale Partnerships

If you are interested in adding Wholesale Telecommunications to the portfolio of products you would like to offer your customers, then Total Telco Group can help. We have our own Wholesale Telecommunications Started Kit.

As a Total Telco partner, you have access to everything you need to sell Telecommunications to your customers.

We provide a wholesale billing platform, we provide marketing material, we provide boilerplate legal documentation, sales collateral as well as provide training and set you up with necessary Statutory Alliances.

Other Areas We Can Help

Below is a snapshot of areas where we typically help customers.

Technology Consulting

Total Telco can assist with you Business IT, Computer Hardware and Software Development needs.

Telecoms Consulting

Streamlining your Business Telecommunications is something Total Telco Group can assist you with.

Business Automation

Businesses are today realising the benifits of IT and Business Process automation.

Cloud Consulting

Total Telco Group have relationships with many key Cloud Providers. We can recommend and implement.

Spend Minimisation

Often, significant business expense can be reduced by looking at more efficient methods, sometimes using technology.

Technology Training

Total Telco provides training on IT systems, software, telecommunications and Cyber Security.

Cyber Security

Total Telco can provide Cyber security testing, risk mitigation and advisory services.

Software Development

Total Telco can assist and develop software for desktop, web and mobile applications.

Talks and Mentorships

Total Telco have staff who are experts in their fields. We are available for Mentor and public meet events

Got A Challenge To Solve?

Sometimes it can be hard knowing who best to consult with when new technological business needs arise.

Total Telco Group are experts in the areas of Telecommunications, Software, IT Hardware and Cyber Security.

If you have a problem to solve, why not give us a call?

"The guys at Total Telco did such a great job on our earlier projects, we now use them for all our smart city projects."

– Linda Clarke

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