What we offer

Total Telco has a range of products to suite just about every business. We also provide consulting services for those who need custom solutions.

Business Phone Systems

We offer full featured, cloud and self hosted business telephone systems. We offer a range of phone solutions to suite your own business needs.

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NBN & Internet

We have a wide range of internet products, from DSL to NBN and High-Speed Fibre optic Internet products. Why not see what is available at your office or business address?

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High Speed Internet & Data

When you need higher speed internet, Total Telco offers upto 10Gbps managed and unmanaged fibre connectivity. We also offer internet or managed networks.

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Mobile Products

Total Telco Group has a great range of mobile voice and data plans available. Our network spans Australia and uses the Optus network for superior coverage and value.

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Start-up Consulting

We provide development and technology consulting to start-up businesses. We have knowledge around IT, Telco, electronics and software development.

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Business Automation

There is a plethora of automation products, ripe for businesses to plug into existing systems. Automation can help to streamline your business and reduce operational costs.

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Business Phone Systems

Total Telco provides both traditional phone systems as well as our state of the art Cloud VoIP services with a range of features, including Unified Communications.

  • Tradition Phone Systems (PSTN,ISDN, with support from NEC, Avaya).
  • Cloud VoIP systems (low cost, full featured).

Internet & NBN

Wherever you are in Australia, Total Telco has you covered with Internet, Fibre, DSL and NBN plans to suite every business.

  • Copper, Fibre, NBN and Wireless.
  • Prices and solutions to suite everyone.

High Speed Data

When you need high speed data networking and Internet, Total Telco has a solution for you. We can provide microwave, fibre L2 and fibre L3 services from all the key players.

  • All Carriers from 1 single supplier.
  • Speeds from below 100Mbps right up to 10Gbps, point to point light and dark fibre services.

Business IT

Technical assistance that goes beyond just computers and servers. We are uniquely positioned to go beyond your office and assist with your Technological connection to the rest of the world.

  • We can assist with IT, Telco and security.
  • We also assist our customers with development and process automation.

Technology Consulting

We can help you find the right technology for your start-up or existing business. Whether it’s streamlining systems or advising on your start-up, Total Telco Group has broad experience in the areas of…

  • IT system consulting.
  • Business process improvement.
  • Software development.

Moving office or opening a new office?

Total Telco can make sure your business telecommunications keeps working when relocating office. We can also advise connection options for your new office addresses.

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