Private Business Data Networks

Internet connectivity is great for many businesses. Sometimes however, for example, when needing to send confidential data between offices, a private network would be more suitable.

A private network refers to a dedicated connection of 2 or more offices/locations. This can be done over the internet using something like a VPN, or it can be done over a private network (typically referred to as an MPLS network).

There are several ways to achieve the same thing. The purpose of a private network is to keep the data flowing between your offices private and secure from the rest of the world.

Imagine for a moment, you are sending confidential customer data between your Sydney and Melbourne office. If your network wasn’t secure, then it might be possible for others to read this information and use this private customer data in some illegal way.

Total Telco can design a private network for your business as well as talk with you about other options available.


  • High Security

  • Uses MPLS network core

  • Data can be speed up or down to suite

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