Office Relocation Services

Moving office can be a challenge today, especially when it comes to keeping all your Telco and IT systems operating while moving and after the move is completed.

Typical questions we hear our customers ask us about when moving are:-

  • Will my data connection be as good/better at the new office?
  • What are the data capabilities like at the new address
  • How will my phone numbers work at the new address? Can I keep the same numbers?
  • How do I change my data network to work at the new address
  • How is it best to move my computers to the new address

Total Telco Group are experts when it comes to office relocations, upsizing and downsizing. Call us and we can help you.


  • We can assist with Data/Phone/IT

  • We can also help with upsizing/downsizing of technology

  • Advise on new address compatibility

Contact us if you would like to talk to sales about available options and pricing.

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