High Speed Access!

Total Telco are the High Speed Access specialists! We leverage our wholesale network and lay our own engineering expertise on top!

High Speed Access

When NBN ADSL of NBN internet speeds aren’t enough, then it’s time to call in the big boys. Total Telco’s Highspeed internet access is the “ticket” to getting lots of data, quickly.

We use a range of technologies (some exclusive to us), to hook you into the highspeed internet, often when others might only be limited to DSL and NBN speeds.

Total Telco can provide internet connection from 1Mbps, right up to 1Gbps if necessary. We use a range of access technologies as well as our network of tier 1 and 2 Telco’s to enable us to offer such a high range of speeds.

We can provide internet access via:-
1. Copper
2. Optic Fibre
3. Microwave


How Does it work?

Total Telco can look at your office addresses and research for you the most cost effective access available from our extensive product mix. In some cases, where more complex solutions need to be designed, we use our own inhouse design teams to custom design a solution for you. In these cases, we would typically lay our own technology expertise over the top of the telco offering. It’s this, management fabric that allows us to be able to ensure your brand new access operates the way it should. It’s also this management fabric that allows us to provide additional features such as elastic bandwidth, access redundancy and dual part, MPLS and VPLS as well as centralised management.

Options We Provide
1. Elastic Bandwidth
2. Access Redundancy (dual path)
3. MPLS private data (VPLS)
4. Centralised Management and security


What next?

If you would like to see what we can do for your business wrt access. Pls fill out the form below to send us your addresses and we will check for you.

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Elastic Bandwidth

As part of our Highspeed product range above, we also offer Elastic Bandwidth at selected locations. What is Elastic Bandwidth you might ask? Elastic Bandwidth, quite simply gives you the ability to scale up and scale down your bandwidth to your service as you need. Look at it as a volume control on your data network and internet accesses.

The advantage of this to you, quite simply is that in many cases, it can reduce your cost. Sometimes you need high bandwidth and sometimes you don’t.

Examples of applications where this might suite could be:-
1. Data Backup
2. Media Sharing
3. Demand Periods

If you would like to enquire if your office locations can support Elastic Bandwidth, why not call us for more information?

Why choose Total Telco Group?

Total Telco Group has the experience and team to build the best Telco solutions for your business.

Total Telco provides a high level of customer support. Our support teams are methodical. We believe the only way to succeed in business today is by providing the best level of customer support possible.

Finally, to top it off, we care about you and your business. Total Telco believes in going that extra mile for our customers.

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Microwave High Speed Access!

Connectiong to the internet or to your corporate network can be difficult. Australia is a vast place and connectivity can be a challenge. Introducing Total Telco's High Speed Microwave Access?

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