Cyber Security and Threat Detection

Today, with businesses finding them selves, increasingly reliant on online services and systems, it can be increasingly difficult to keep prying eyes out of your IP, customer data and online systems.

To compound this, the ramifications of loss of customer data, or compromised systems can be devastating.

Many organisations think that passwords and an expensive firewall should do the trick, when in actual fact, the biggest and most expensive firewall in the world won’t help you if black hat hackers have been able to use for example, social engineering techniques to obtain admin access to your online customer portal or website etc.

If keeping your systems secure is important to you, then it’s worth taking advantage of our totally FREE and obligation free security health check. We also have a complete range of data recovery and penetration testing services available.


  • Threat Detection

  • Penetration Testing and Security Reporting

  • PCI and DSS compliance testing

  • Fire-walling and Security Consulting

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