Business Phone Systems?

Today, there is a huge variety of business communications options out there. Total Telco Group specialise in cloud-based telephone systems (sometimes referred to as VoIP phone systems).

Total Telco can also provide physical phone systems (namely NEC and Avaya).

Cloud Based Phone Systems (VoIP)

The advantages are many with a Total Telco Group VoIP phone system. Straight off the bat, a Total Telco VoIP system gives you a huge feature range, without the upfront cost of a dedicated, on premises phone system.

For a low monthly cost, you can have all the features, businesses expect from their phone system. We manage it for you and we scale it in the back-end, to ensure there are enough resources to keep your business communications reliable and trouble free.

We can port numbers from your dedicated phone system or existing cloud system, and we take care of all the setup for you.

Total Telco Group can also manage professional voice prompts (voice prompts, for things such as IVR’s, on hold, after hours and mailboxes). We have partnered with Image On line to ensure your phone system presents a professional image to your customers.

Main Features

  • Inexpensive setup and operation

  • Extensive features and functionality

  • Low hardware expense

  • Handsets can be used wherever there is internet

  • Extensive Features : – voice mail, hunt groups, voice prompts, call groups, fax to email etc

Main Features

  • Once bought, then you only pay for the cost of calls

  • We provide Onsite maintenance and support

  • Typically take up small space

  • You own the phone system and can take anywhere

Physical Phone Systems

Cloud based phone systems aren’t suitable for all circumstances, which is why Total Telco Group also provides Physical phone systems from the likes of NEC and Avaya.

Physical phone systems have similar functionality to our cloud based VoIP systems. Physical phone systems are typically better for larger installations.

Choosing a phone system for your business is an important decision and Total Telco can help you. Our advice will be unbiased and based on your personal requirements.

Voice Prompts

If you have an existing phone system (VoIP, Self Hosted etc), Total Telco has relationships with Companies who can help you script and record your various phone system messages.

Voice prompts make your business sound professional and gives new potential customers a good, first impression. It has also been proven that a professional voice prompt provides customers with a higher level of trust about your business.


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