This support ticketing system is running a little slow today. When you submit or update a ticket, it might not actually report that it has created/updated the ticket, even though it has. 

We are investigating the issue currently, but for the time being. If you update a ticket or create a ticket and notice this, pls just wait a while before re submitting and perhaps open a 2nd window just to check your update has submitted ok. Once confirmed, you can close the ticket.

If you have no luck submitting tickets, pls just submit via email to and we will update the ticket once the issue is fixed.

Total Telco Group


Update 5/7/22 11:19am

It does appear that the tickets do create/update, it just takes a while. So, if you just leave the browser window, doing it's thing, it should eventually update. 

Appologies for the issue. I have whmcs looking at it. It most likely is an optimisation thing. If it continues, as a plan B, we might just switch to CoreIQ, as the ticketing system is working in it just fine. This wouldn't be ideal, as we haven't imported current services into coreIQ (for existing service reference).

We'll update you here.


Update 6/7/22 10:53am

The slowness has been rectified. It appears it was an issue with the ticket system sending emails. The email provider we use, seemed to be delayed yesterday. Since every ticket we create/update, notifies someone via email, it was the sending of these emails that was causing the delay.

Anyway, after chatting to the upstream, it seems to have magically rectified it's self.


Tuesday, July 5, 2022

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