Hi All,

It’s been a crazy few months with all that has been happening in the world. I didn’t get around to publishing newsletters for the last few months, so appologies for that. As a result though, this month we have a few updates.

So as usual, let’s get straight into it.

I am always happy to provide one on one or team training to you or your team members and any product we sell. I also encourage everyone to reach out to me if you would like training on any of our products, our voice switch or the specialised topics such as porting and the like.

We are awaiting updates from our NBN vendor around their future NBN roadmap. I unfortunately do not think 1Gbp NBN will be available this year, but as soon as it is, we will make it available to you all.

Taking VoIP handsets Home
Obviously with Covid-19, people are often asking if VoIP handsets can be taken home and used in the home office. Although obvious to us, it isn’t always obvious to our customers, so sometimes, it is worth mentioning to them that they can in fact take VoIP handsets home. This could result in potential more VoIP handset sales, VoIP headsets and more VoIP extensions. If you need plug packs, we currently have stock of all the popular Yealink plug packs.

Phone System Updates
We have recently completed updates to our hosted phone systems.
All servers are now Quad Core, 8GB, CentOS 7 servers with 160GB SSD HDD’s. Basically, these new servers should be able to handle our call volumes well into the future. We currently have Voice POI’s in WA and NSW and will shortly be adding to WA as well, we will be adding a local server in QLD.
We have also upgraded all servers to the latest phone switch software version.
Updates include:-
Custom Locations now allow for timeout and the ability to send caller ID
Complete Voice AI real time voice engine using IBM Watson, AWS Polly or MS Azure Cognitive Services. Basically, now the phone system can generate voice prompts programmatically using AI and ML.
Additional hunt group features
Additional Caller Que features
We will be adding real SSL certificates to the servers, instead of the open ones we currently use.
Finally, we are looking to add Teams integration. Once we find a suitable SBC provider, that meets our requirements, we will then look towards adding this to our voice offerings.

New Mobile Pricing
We have received new Mobile pricing, I have updated it online for you, so if you are a partner, you will be able to see this in the Document portal. Basically, the changes are with the mobile data/voice plans. Some plans have been removed and others have had allowances increased. I have colour coded the changes in the attached pricing.

5G Mobile on it’s Way
5G mobile is on its way. Delayed because of Covid 19, but I am informed it will be here soon (hopefully the next few months).

New Document Management System
We have been working hard to move all of our documentation that resides on several repositories, into 1 central repository. Once we have completed it, you will receive an email with a Username and Password and the URL. This new DMS will allow things such as collaboration and the like.

CoreIQ and internal systems update
With Covid-19 and increased workload, we basically had to put on hold CoreIQ development for a few months. We were hoping to launch in Feb, but have been able to resume development this week. We are now looking to release 4 modules instead of only 3 initially, User Management, Pricelist, Ticketing and Ordering. We are targeting this for August, with simple billing, to be released in October.

We have automated several internal systems, including network outage notifications on NBN as well as Mobile. Basically, if there is an outage that could effect your users, our system will email you to this fact and allow you to notify your customers in advance.

In addition, some of you may have noticed, replying to a support ticket emails, now updates the ticket directly. It used to be the case that you had to login to reply to a ticket or order, now, you can just reply to the email and that will update it for you.

New Staff
We have new staff, Vinay and Sheetal. For the next few weeks, I will be training our new staff, after that, don’t be shocked if someone other than my voice greets you when calling us. So I can concentrate on other parts of the business, from time to time, I hay forward my mobile onto our calling que, so that Vinay and Sheetal can have the opportunity to learn and help you with your inquiries. If they can’t help you, obviously, I will take over the inquiry.

That’s it for this month’s Total Telco Group newsletter. As usual, should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me via email or phone.

Steve Morton
Total Telco Group Pty Ltd