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Total Telco is an innovative Australian Telecommunications reseller, wholesaler and consultancy.

Wholesale Network

Total Telco Group has launched Australia’s newest Wholesale Telco program. We are offering a range of Telco services at amazing prices. A wide range of products and plans to suite you most demanding customer.We provide everything you need to allow you to sell Telco. We provide:-

1. A state of the art billing system with support ticketing, Document management, customer management portal with self help, built in ordering and support, ability to sell your own products (with your own margins) all via online credit card payments if desired. So, no need to deal with physical cash or cheques.

2. Your own telephone numbers for Support and presales support so you and your customers have someone to talk to. (your customers get a support number to call for tech and billing enquiries, answered in your name). On top of this, you get your own pre sales number, answered by your own telco engineers to answer any technical and billing questions you may have. We support you!

3. White Labelled sales collateral. You bung your logo on, your company name and contact details and boom, you have ready made sales collateral, ready to go.

4. Legal paperwork. We provide you with all the boring legal stuff so you comply with the TIO requirements to sell Telco in Australia.

5. A wide range of Wholesale Telco products, from Tier one telco, ranging from NBN, internet via Optic Fibre, DSL, copper and microwave, and telephony via Hosted VoIP and SIP trunks.

6. Training so you are fully up to date and compliant on the rules and tricks in selling telco.


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Why Sell Telco?

Selling Telecoms can be simple and profitable with the rights guidance and tools. Most people understand the importance telecommunications plays in their lives today.

Our Wholesale program has a low barrier to entry. Once you start converting customers, they typically stay with you for 1-5 years. This means that a telco customer, if looked after, can be a csutomer for several years.

Selling Telco requires no stock. You don't need a warehouse to store product. Total Telco can provide routers and switching equipment if needed.

Telco can be a good lead in to other products if you also sell things such as IT services, business services or technology consulting.


Why choose Total Telco Group?

Total Telco Group provides everything you need to sell Telco to your customers. We provide you with a state of the art billing system, with online payments, ticketing, customer portal and inbuilt product ordering.

Total Telco provides you with your own numbers for customer support and pre sales support.

Finally, to top it off, we provide address lookup tools, legals, sales collateral and training on Telco and compliance to keep you successful.

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Complete Product Offerings

Total Telco offers a complete range of Telecoms products and services. We provide a suite of Voice, Data, Cloud, Mobile and even consulting services.

Business And Residential

Total Telco serves not only Business Customers, we also service Residential customers and more recently our network of Wholesalers, together with their customers.

Friendly Support

Our customers love our support and customer service that we provide. We believe this is our diffirentiator and pride our selves on our support levels.

Microwave High Speed Access!

Connectiong to the internet or to your corporate network can be difficult. Australia is a vast place and connectivity can be a challenge. Introducing Total Telco's High Speed Microwave Access?

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