Total Telco Group has partnered with SCSI Telecoms to allow SCSI partners the ability to now offer Telecommunications Products to their own customers.

This offering is truly unique and gives SCSI partners the ability to now offer a wide gamit of telecommunications products to their customer base, while shielding them from much of the hassle and learning curve associated with tooling up to sell telecoms.

Total Telco Group has opened up it’s Wholesale offering to SCSI’s partners and provides pre sales support, sales tools, training, a complex billing and rating system, a wide range of internet access products (including NBN) as well as customer support and onboarding services. Basically, we are providing a complete Telecoms platform to empower SCSI partners the ability to offer Telecommunications products to their customers.

SCSI is launching this to their Partners on Thu the 26th July 2018. For more info, see HERE