Hi, We're Total Telco!

Total Telco is an innovative Australian Telecommunications reseller, wholesaler and consultancy.

Built out of a desire to offer Exceptional Service

Total Telco Group has been providing Telecommunications products to Australians for many years. One thing that has always driven everything that we do, that is Service In this industry, service is everything.

Total Telco's founders and senior management have over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications space. Success has always been through looking after the customer and keeping customers happy.

This philosophy has served us well over the years and as a result, we will continue to keep it as our centre central business pillar.

What drives us

When you've been working in an industry for as long as we have, there must be a passion, an interest that keeps you coming back.

Telecommunications is our passion and we hope it shows in our service and offerings to you.

Complete Product Offerings

Total Telco offers a complete range of Telecoms products and services. We provide a suite of Voice, Data, Cloud, Mobile and even consulting services.

Business And Residential

Total Telco serves not only Business Customers, we also service Residential customers and more recently our network of Wholesalers, together with their customers.

Friendly Support

Our customers love our support and customer service that we provide. We believe this is our diffirentiator and pride our selves on our support levels.

Microwave High Speed Access!

Connectiong to the internet or to your corporate network can be difficult. Australia is a vast place and connectivity can be a challenge. Introducing Total Telco's High Speed Microwave Access?

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